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Considering a career at The Createch Group? Find out what differenciates us.

Our mission

As a Canadian leader in business transformation, our mission is to significantly improve the profitability of our clients through the optimization of their processes and the implementation of world-class software solutions.

Our values

Our values embody our convictions and practices relating to all aspects of how we conduct our affairs. They guide our decisions and our actions as regards to our clients, our business partners and all Createch Group employees.


Our employees, clients and business partners are the reason why our company exists. Our long-term partnership with them can be described as follows: we listen to their needs, adapt to each one if necessary and always live up to our commitments.

Team spirit

A tight collaboration between The Createch Group employees allows us to share our strengths in order to increase individual development and overall group practices. Together, we are able to overcome the greatest of challenges.


The Createch Group’s credibility depends on its capacity to excel by demonstrating its high level of know-how and professionalism. What sets us apart is our ability to carry out innovative projects and imagine creative solutions, which we accomplish by being proactive and adapting to our constantly evolving market.


By working in a respectful environment within a field we are passionate about, each of us develops a sense of accomplishment on a personal level and as an integral part of a group. Respect for the individual and recognition for work done are the basis for making work a joyful experience.

Why The Createch Group?

Established in 1993, The Createch Group was born from a desire to provide enterprises of all shapes and sizes, the tools they need to improve their competitiveness on the local, national and international scenes in order to ensure their growth.

First and foremost, The Createch Group is all about seasoned business professionals. Its consultants have a thorough knowledge of manufacturing, distribution, asset management and professional services, ensuring that we can respond to each customer's specific needs.

Furthermore, by its desire to always better serve companies and lead them at a higher level of performance, The Createch Group keeps abreast of the latest technologies and work methods. This is certainly due to its ability to innovate and stay one step ahead of the competition that the company is now one of the business and technology leaders in Canada.

Working Conditions and Benefits

The Createch Group offers competitive salaries, equal opportunities for all, as well as:

  • a defined contribution pension plan;
  • an employee savings plan;
  • a profit sharing program;
  • a group insurance plan;
  • a preferential rates program for Bell employees.

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