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Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution helps organizations better manage their customer relationships. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is flexible, easy to use and user friendly, offering a 360° view of customers, from first customer contact to after-sales service. This accessible solution allows your organization to:

  • Enhance the accuracy of its sales cycle;
  • Offer a fast, personalized and value added service through real-time information;
  • Boost sales through targeted marketing campaigns.

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Dynamics CRM, a flexible, fast and familiar solution

Designed with reliable technology and recognized by the industry, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution fits perfectly to your changing needs.

This powerful solution enables you to build closer relationships with customers and achieve higher levels of profitability with its modules:

  • Sales;
  • Marketing;
  • Customer service;
  • Extended Relationship Management or xRM.


Generate more revenue faster!

Thanks to its sales, marketing and customer service modules, this powerful and low cost solution yields tangible and lasting results.

  • Simple and familiar navigation through its integration with Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel and Word);
  • Effective management of complex relationships, including those with partners, distributors, retailers and suppliers;
  • Rapid development and deployment of applications;
  • Informed decision making through diagnostics tools and detailed reports;
  • Easy integration with other Microsoft business intelligence products (BI).