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Microsoft Azure

All companies must now consider the option of the cloud to manage their IT infrastructure. The cloud can make your IT management more flexible and secure, and this, while reducing hardware, maintenance and administration costs. By accessing your resources anytime and anywhere, you get the speed and flexibility you need to grow your organization.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform, managed by Microsoft’s data centre. It supports a wide range of infrastructures, operating systems, databases and computer systems. With this cloud platform, you can develop, deploy and manage applications safely.

Who is the Azure cloud solution for?

You should consider the cloud if your organization:

  • Does not wish to invest in hardware licensing costs;
  • Is looking to pay only for what you need (users and storage);
  • Has mobile employees that must easily access data at all times;
  • Wants to avoid system backup concerns.

To learn more about the Azure cloud solution

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Microsoft Azure, a scalable platform

The Azure cloud solution offers pay-as-you-go services in order to respond more quickly to your organization as it changes. Thanks to the per-minute billing, you only pay for what you use.

Protect Your Data

Microsoft complies with very strict standards in terms of protection and privacy of data. Your information is hosted in a secure and reliable environment so you no longer have to worry about backing up your data.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

As Microsoft-managed data centres are located in more than twenty regions, Microsoft Azure provides the right information to your employees at all time so that your business maintains a high level of performance. Securely, colleagues access data quickly and easily from mobile applications.

Hybrid Solution

Microsoft Azure offers the choice between your data centre and cloud hosting. Take advantage of both systems with more IT options at a lower cost.