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Operational Performance Improvement

Daily Management System - DMS


Technical sheets :
pdfDaily Management System (DMS)
pdfMobile Daily Management System (DMS)

The Createch Group’s Daily Management System (DMS) is a series of processes that standardizes the chain of command, which consequently improves overall operations. The DMS consists of developing simple and effective visual management tools that allow organizations to eliminate variation sources that occur as a result of traditional management practices and supervision. Continuously maintaining operational efficiency is the key to Lean management. This system combined with The Createch Group’s professional expertise will help:

  • Identify and resolve problems efficiently and permanently
  • Eliminate performance gaps
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Get consistent and predictable results from one working shift to the next
  • Engage, develop and empower employees

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Daily management system guiding principles - DMS

The implementation of a Daily Lean Management System relies on five (5) guiding principles.

A culture of disciplined supervision

Strengthening supervisor’s management skills is crucial to get better responses when faced with operational variations. This reinforcement brings responsibility and accountability to the entire work team.

Work standardization

Each task is carried out the same way among every work team, thus eliminating the one process per employee occurrence. The best-known practices are shared and standardized using the “Task Training” program.

Daily control

The maintenance of work and performance standards is monitored by visual management tools, such as: follow-ups, tables, key performance indicators (KPIs) displays and the posting of daily problems.

Daily improvements

Implementation of a problem-solving process must be established. Contingencies emerge daily and their operational course must be visible by all in order to rapidly resolve problems.
Daily communication
Standardizing periodic meetings emphasize priorities and objectives. These exchanges ensure a common alignment and guide decision making toward carrying out the work.

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Expertise that brings tangible benefits

Key-understanding of industry issues as well as The Createch Group’s advisors in-depth knowledge have helped make significant business improvements such as:

  • 15% improvement of the capability to elaborate workable plans
  • 10 to 25% increase in production
  • 20 to 35% reduction in rework
  • 20 to 40% decrease in leading time (cycle time)

Since 1993, The Createch Group has successfully demonstrated its expertise in several sectors, including:

  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Services
  • Transport
  • Specialized sectors (pharmaceuticals, healthcare, agri-food)

The Createch Group’s Daily Management System team relies on key competencies such as business process optimization.