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Manufacturing Performance

The Createch Group’s manufacturing performance consulting services allow manufacturers to reduce lead times, eliminate waste and increase facility capacity. The firm’s experts work with you to apply Lean manufacturing, Lean Production and Lean Value Chain principles. Manufacturing performance consulting services will give you access to many benefits, including:

  • getting ahead of the competition by improving operational productivity and flexibility;
  • improving competitiveness by reducing delays and costs;
  • structuring your business to better meet your customers' needs.

The Createch Group knows a great deal about the challenges that manufacturers face. They have the skills and expertise to identify areas for improvement, develop creative solutions and implement changes that increase manufacturing performance. Extended skills, in-depth know-how and knowledge transfer are among the winning elements from which companies benefit through The Createch Group.

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The Createch Group’s Operational Performance Improvement service team relies on Lean Management’s key competencies. Our Lean consultants can help you put continuous improvement in place with our Sherpa methodology, our daily management system (DMS) and Poka, the industrial mobile application.