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Operational Performance Improvement

DELMIA Ortems - Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS)



pdf Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (DELMIA Ortems)

DELMIA Ortems’ Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution helps manufacturing companies control costs, reduce delays and improve customer service. DELMIA Ortems APS solution quickly computes precise scheduling, taking into account material, personnel, equipment and stock availability constraints. This solution is powerful, flexible, easy to use and integrates with most ERP and MRP systems.

As a decision support tool, an APS system simulates different scenarios, giving your planner the opportunity to choose the optimal one with the key performance indicators such as:

  • In-time delivery percentage
  • Production costs optimization
  • “Bottleneck” equipment(s) optimization
  • Priority on specific clients or orders

Such a system, combined with the acknowledged expertise of The Createch Group’s Lean Planning and Scheduling professionals, offers a solution that adds value to your operations and your enterprise.

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Production Optimization, the best lead times at the best cost

Thousands of users in more than 40 countries rely on DELMIA Ortems' Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution to determine the best lead times at the best cost to achieve operational excellence. DELMIA Ortems solution optimization engine combines more than 70 criteria to obtain the best lead times/productivity balance, while complying with your industry's specific constraints.

DELMIA Ortems and Createch, guaranteed results

The combination of DELMIA Ortems' Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution and the Createch Group’s expertise in Operational Performance Improvement is the recipe for success for any organization aiming to achieve operational excellence. By using our combined services, you could benefit from:

  • Up to 100% increase in customer service levels and on-time performance
  • Up to 25% productivity growth and production cost reduction
  • Up to 75% reduction in delays and cycle times
  • Up to 50% reduction in raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods inventories

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