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Operational Performance Improvement

Mobile Daily Management System (DMS)

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Simplify the daily management of your operations with a mobile LEAN tool


The mobile DMS is an application that supports and automates the Daily Management System (DMS). The latter is a process-oriented management system that leverages the full potential of all employees. The DMS is made of a series of processes that allows to standardize the chain of command and therefore, optimizes operations. It aims to accomplish the daily plan through frequent monitoring of the situation, a quick response to interruptions and a structured method of elimination of the causes.

Using mobile DMS, you can:

  • manage your operations more simply;
  • reduce the amount of paper documents to be processed;
  • follow-up on teams’ activities in real time.

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DMS in the digital age

The mobile DMS runs on all platforms: mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Moving to the electronic format will enable you to:

  • archive your data more easily;
  • process audits simply;
  • take advantage of attractive mobile features.

The mobile DMS includes the tools of its traditional paper version in their digital version.

Standard agendas | The DMS’ supervision agendas allow managers to monitor management tasks in real-time.

Meeting agendas | The meetings can be documented using the mobile DMS and are accessible from the standard agenda.

Improvement cards | The improvement cards offer a support to problem solving through a scoreboard integrated with a workflow.

Audits  | The data collected during audits is compiled in a central database where it can be archived.


Move your production chain to the digital age

Our expert consultants can help you centralize your information and optimize your operations. Combine the daily management system (DMS) and the expertise of The Createch Group’s professionals and eliminate the sources of variations caused by traditional management and supervision practices.

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