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Operational Performance Improvement

Descartes - Daily Route Management

Descartes’ Route Planner

Descartes’ Route Planner Solution is designed for organizations with large numbers of vehicles and high level of operational complexity. This solution includes web-based wireless capabilities to ensure the allocation and reallocation of the sequence of stops in real time.

Descartes’ Route Planner allows dynamic tracking of vehicles and calculation of delivery duration in order to optimize mobile resource management.

Descartes Route Planner On-demand

Route Planner On-demand solution is ideal for companies with a small fleet of vehicles. This solution includes all the sophisticated web features required to manage the routes in real time. Route Planner On-demand solution is based on an affordable monthly subscription model in order to eliminate the cost of licensing.

Mobile Resource Management – MRM

Mobile Resources Management sends electronic orders on employees’ mobile devices in order to increase operational efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. The MRM provides better tracking of inventory and itineraries, automatically collects real-time information on customer deliveries and responds quickly to delays on the road.

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