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Demand Solutions, a social supply chain software

Technical sheet:
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Demand Solutions is a demand management software that improves customer service levels by optimizing inventory management of manufacturing and distribution companies of all sizes. This software is at the leading edge of technology covering all supply chain management aspects. Demand Solutions modules support all processes related to supply chain optimization, including demand management, supply and production operation planning as well as Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP).

Affordable and easy to use, Demand Solutions’ tools allow you to better manage your inventory by sharing expertise and information with all company stakeholders. This social supply chain software provides several advantages such as:

  • Improving sales forecasts accuracy
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Accelerating stock turnover
  • Increasing delivery reliability
  • Enabling faster responses to market changes
  • Improving decision making through real-time visibility on products

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Forecast Management

Demand Solutions’ Forecast Management module goes far beyond spreadsheets. It provides powerful features for demand and inventory planning. You'll therefore be able to make predictive calculations, identify exceptions and manage new products.

Requirements Planning

With Demand Solutions’ Requirements Planning module, it becomes easy to optimize your inventory. Predict and correct inventory shortages or excess on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, thus reducing costs. With this Demand Solutions module, you can plan your stocks per period or per item and satisfy your most demanding customers.

Sales & Operations Planning

Demand Solutions’ S&OP module detects and resolves operational problems before they cause serious consequences. It monitors key performance indicators, analyzes gaps and optimizes sales plans.

Supply Chain Collaboration

The collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment software allows your organization to share business information in real time, accelerating decision making within your organization.

The Createch Group, Eastern Canada’s privileged Demand Solutions integrator

The Createch Group’s supply chain management expertise is well established. The company has been successfully implementing technological solutions based on best business practices for Quebec companies since 1993. Wish to optimize your supply chain and improve demand management and forecasting? Contact us to integrate Demand Solutions.

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