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Operational Performance Improvement

Enterprise Process Center (EPC) by Interfacing, a comprehensive process lifecycle management solution

Technical sheet:
pdfEnterprise Process Center® (EPC)

Enterprise Process Center® (EPC) is a comprehensive solution that meets the full spectrum of BPM requirements, from process lifecycle management (PLM) and business architecture (BA) to process automation with EPC Workflow. This solution allows you to design and build your processes in the Modeler, publish them to the collaborative Web Portal environment and manage them with its business intelligence and performance capabilities.

From desktop process modeling to integrated and collaborative management systems, Enterprise Process Center® (EPC)’s implementation, combined with The Createch Group’s proven methodologies, helps companies support continuous improvement and other management programs such as ISO9000, Lean Sigma and ITIL.

Interfacing and The Createch Group assist businesses by streamlining operations, increasing productivity, enforcing governance, and ensuring compliance. Much more than just process modeling, EPC allows organizations to manage, automate, and monitor business activities and controls.

  • Maintain a flexible organizational model
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement
  • Reduce implementation costs thanks to its intuitive design and interface
  • Output content automatically into convenient, printable documentation
  • Increase return on investment (ROI) by only paying for the selected modules (à la carte)

Allow The Createch Group to show you how Enterprise Process Center® (EPC) can help your business.

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Modules and Features

Enterprise Process Center® (EPC)’s processes and related information (roles, resources, assets, organisational units, documents, risks, controls, rules, services, and master data) are stored as “objects,” so that all information is reusable and centrally managed for easy ongoing maintenance. All EPC modules have the same look and feel. While they are powerful and feature-rich, they are designed for simplicity for the business user.

  • Process
  • Organization
  • Documents
  • Rules
  • Controls
  • Risk
  • Services
  • Master Data
  • Workflow
  • Business Intelligence / Advanced Reporting

For more detailed information on Enterprise Process Center® (EPC) by Interfacing, download the Product Overview (PDF).

The Createch Group, a Canadian leader in business transformation

The expertise and professionalism of The Createch Group is well established. The firm has had ironclad success in the design and optimization of business processes in the manufacturing, distribution and service industries with Canadian companies since 1993. With this strategic alliance, our clients can rest assured that they will be supported by the best operational implementation practices. Want to optimize your processes? Contact The Createch Group to integrate the Enterprise Process Center® (EPC) solution.

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