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Operational Performance Improvement

Poka, Worth Sharing


Industrial Social Application


Poka is the first industrial social application in Canada. This collaborative tool is for production employees, allowing them to exchange and use best business practices, expertise and knowledge in real-time. Easily, employees create, share and update training materials instantly.

An innovation that increases manufacturing productivity

The Poka mobile platform breaks the silos that separate production and administrative workforces. Poka rapidly and radically increases productivity at all levels of the organization, giving employees better training and increased confidence in carrying out their work. Employees can therefore benefit, “anywhere at any time”, from the expertise that builds up over the years in an organization.

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Consolidate your knowledge in one place and share it

Knowledge is the foundation of any organization, granting it more efficiency. With Poka, it is now possible to centralize each employee’s knowledge in one place and make it accessible to everyone instantly. Therefore, all your employees, regardless their department, their function or their work shift, can communicate with each other. Discover and visualize the 4 pillars of the ultimate production tool:

Guide | Record best business practices, procedures or announce new products with videos and photos

Troubleshoot | Record your problems and your solutions, and have them forever

Improvements | Share your custom enhancements across factories

Setting | Store your equipment settings and their values required for each products


The Createch Group, preferred integrator for the Poka solution

The expertise and professionalism of The Createch Group are well established. The firm has achieved an undeniable success in the implementation of management systems and continuous improvement methodology with Quebec companies since 1993.

The Createch Group is capable of deploying a complete solution based on best business practices and on LEAN principles. If you wish to better manage your training issues, ensure knowledge retention and help mobilize your employees, contact us.

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