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Operational Performance Improvement

Sherpa – Continuous Improvement Methodology


Technical sheet:
pdf Sherpa - Continuous Improvement Method

The Sherpa continuous improvement methodology combines quality control, manufacturing and business process improvement, identifying problems and their causes as well as establishing preventive actions.

This approach, structured and developed by The Createch Group allows, while maintaining customer priority, to:

  • Lead employees in the elimination of non-value added activities;
  • Involve employees in the improvement of the business;
  • Feed employees’ sense of belonging;
  • Ensure business sustainability;
  • Recognize the achievement and maintenance of results.

The Sherpa continuous improvement method has been developed from Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp’s ACE methodology. This method is suitable for companies of all sizes operating in various sectors. More than just a work method, Sherpa is a new lifestyle for companies.

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Range of extended services

The Createch Group’s extended range of services aims to improve human, material and finance resource performances. The Createch Group supports their clients through all stages of the continuous improvement process, through:

  • Identifying the organization’s vision;
  • Training (change management, organizational Lean principles, operating system);
  • The implementation of pilot improvement initiatives;
  • Process progression.

Bring your business to a new level of performance

The Sherpa continuous improvement methodology is based on three distinct pillars:

  • A philosophy based on competitive excellence;
  • An operating system that controls and improve processes while eliminating waste;
  • The competency, commitment and active participation of employees in sharing this philosophy and applying the principles of the operating system to each activity.

The Createch Group’s strategic performance service team relies on key competencies such as:


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