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Operational Performance Improvement

Descartes - Transportation Management System (TMS)



pdf Transportation Management System (Descartes)

Descartes’ Route Planner Solution helps companies with a fleet of vehicles to control and plan their routes to reduce operational costs and improve customer service.

Descartes’ Route Planner Solution manages the complexity of planning, taking into account factors such as: specific times of delivery, geographical areas, delivery time, required skills and types of vehicles. Through integrated geomatic tools, this solution improves the delivery ratio per driver and reduces the total travelled distance and the average mileage between stops.

The Route Planner Solution is flexible, automated and seamlessly integrates directly into most existing Order Management and Transportation Planning Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) Systems.

To assess how Descartes' Route Planner Solution can optimize your daily route planning and your delivery strategy

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Why choose The Createch Group and Descartes?

The combination of Descartes’ Route Planner Solution and the Createch Group’s expertise in Operational Performance Improvement, ensures the optimization of processes and supply networks for enterprises wishing to achieve operational excellence. This collaboration delivers benefits such as:

  • Reduced fuel consumption from 15 to 20%
  • Increased delivery yield up to 10%
  • Decreased employee overtime and mileage
  • Improved exception handling and monitoring of field inventories
  • Reduced number of trucks used by 5%
  • Lowered operational costs from 7 to 20%
  • Enhanced customer service

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