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Operational Performance Improvement

Lean Manufacturing Success Stories

Charl-Pol Industrial Group 
Project: Diagnosis of operations and improvement program implementation
A marked increase in the quality level, efficiency and OHS performance as well as greater cohesion within the team. Createch is working with another plant in order to achieve a comparable structure and standardize practices across the company.

Signalling Ver-Mac
Project: Implementing end-to-end Lean principles
Facing a large growth and strong competition, Ver-Mac was seeking to increase the capacity of its plant, reduce production costs and reduce delivery times. 

Premier Tech Chronos, Packaging/Industrial
Project: Lean Manufacturing Implementation
An enterprise, international leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of packaging, materials handling and palletization systems, has contacted The Createch Group to improve its manufacturing operations. The Lean Manufacturing production principles were introduced and it resulted into a reduction in manufacturing lead time.

VKI Technologies inc., a Van Houtte Inc. division

Project: Implementation of Value-Added Production Principles (Lean Manufacturing)

A market leader in the design, production and distribution of coffeemakers was facing manufacturing operations problems such as lengthy manufacturing delays, rising production costs and significant production space requirements. With the help of The Createch Group experts, the company noticed reductions in labour costs, in manufacturing lead-times and work-in-process inventory. 

Wyeth - Rouses Point - Coating

Project: Production Capacity Improvement

With the help of The Createch Group's experts, this enterprise, one of the world's largest research-driven pharmaceutical and health care products companies, has increased its processing capacity by 35% due to the identification of short and medium term solutions.

Wyeth - Puerto Rico

Project: Improve the manufacturing and packaging capacity of the plant in Guayama, Puerto Rico

Wishing to improve its manufacturing capacity required following the transfer of production activities to Puerto Rico, this pharmaceutical has called upon The Createch Group to improve the productivity and production capacity for a packaging line using GRR (Global Rate of Return) techniques. 

Wyeth - Rouses Point - Co-manufacturing

Project: Increase the production and efficiency of the granulation process

With the strong increase in demand for one of their products, this client, one of the world's largest research-driven pharmaceutical and health care products companies, was aiming for a substantial increase in production capacity. After only two months of operation with the new work methods, a 76% increase in production capacity and 17% increase in overall efficiency (throughput) was observed.

AC Plastiques Canada

Project: Implementation of Value-Added Production Principles (Lean Manufacturing)

An enterprise specialized in the design and manufacturing of fibreglass-reinforced plastic tubing got in touch with The Createch Group in order to improve its manufacturing operations and to face a very strong competition.


Project: 5S Program Implementation

One of the world’s largest brewer, this client has, among others, implemented a program that makes it possible to reach and maintain health and maintenance standards for its site, in addition to making operations more efficient. The 5S initiative clearly demonstrated an increase in the efficiency of packaging operations as well as a reduction in the risk of accidents and in long-term maintenance costs.

Lumec inc.

Project: Implementation of Manufacturing Cells

The client, a North American leader in the design and manufacture of lights, and high-end lighting systems as well as accessories, foresees an increase in sales of more than 60% over the next four years. With this Manufacturing Cells project, the client wishes to improve the productivity and flexibility of manufacturing operations through the implementation of manufacturing cells.

Technilab Pharma (Ratiopharm)

Project: Implementation of Manufacturing Cells

In order to optimize activities in a good manufacturing practices environment (GMP), to implement FDA standards and to address the lack of capacity in the laboratory for analyzing finished products, this pharmaceutical company has called upon The Createch Group's services.


Project: Lean Manufacturing Implementation

The client is a company that works in the transformation of high quality applied abrasives and that has contacted The Createch Group's experts to reduce current production space to allow the addition of new manufacturing procedures. Among the results observed: a 73% reduction in manufacturing lead-time.

Lantic Sugar

Project: Operational Diagnostic of a Packaging Line

In order to meet management expectations as it pertains to operational effectiveness, a market leader in the refining processing, distribution and marketing of products in Eastern Canada turned to The Createch Group experts. 

Premier Horticulture

Project: Production Costs Reduction

Among all activities completed by The Createch Group with this client, there was the implementation of a maintenance management system and the implementation of a real-time performance follow-up system. These interventions has allowed to increase by 5% the current rate of return, with a 13% objective.