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Oracle Business Solutions

Oracle Business Solutions

Technical sheet :
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Management solutions for companies of all sizes

The effective implementation of a business management system requires a thorough knowledge of best practices in business transformation as well as the careful management of each stage of a plan such as:

  • Optimizing operations;
  • Implementation, integration and project management;
  • Upgrades;
  • Support post-implementation.

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Business Management

Business Management solutions like Oracle’s integrated systems have helped Canadian and Quebec companies improve their operational performance and increase their profitability. Your company may therefore:

  • Improve the planning of its activities;
  • Consolidate and standardize the collection and exchange of information;
  • Optimize its business processes and reduce operating costs.

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Maximize your return on investment (ROI) thanks to the comprehensive Business Management solutions offered by The Createch Group.

Suppy Chain management

Comprehensive solutions for an effective supply chain. Oracle’s Supply Chain Management Value Chain Planning solution ensures the alignment of your organization’s operational and financial objectives in order to:

  • Maximize the use of your resources;
  • Minimize costs;
  • Shape demand;
  • Simulate alternative business scenarios;
  • Manage risks.

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Perfect the accuracy of your predictions with the robust features offered by Oracle’s Supply Chain Management Value Chain Planning solution and Createch Group’s expert advice.

Information Management

Oracle’s Information Management solutions provide contextual insights into your entire organization’s information resulting in making better decisions, taking more favorable actions and having efficient business processes. Being systems agnostic, Oracle’s Business Intelligence Suite integrates with most of the following elements:

  • Office and security tools for extraction and transformation;
  • Databases;
  • Business applications;
  • Server applications;
  • Enterprise portals.

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Built on a unified infrastructure for production and distribution, Oracle’s full range of BI functionalities offered by The Createch Group experts will help your organization reduce its costs and increase its performance.

Consulting Services

A wide range of services that meet your expectations

Whether before, during or after the implementation of a business management solution, The Createch Group assist their clients in the implementation of projects in order to maximize the chances of success, while proactively managing the risks and consequences associated with changes.


  • Deployment of Business Solutions
  • Discovery
  • Planning and Scoping


  • Upgrades 
  • Surveillance (Configurable Network Computing - CNC)


  • Post-implementation Support 
  • Training

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Leaders in the implementation of Oracle business solutions since 1999, The Createch Group’s industry specialists have developed a rapid and flexible deployment approach that is tailored to your business objectives and accessible to largely every business size.


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