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Oracle Business Solutions

The Oracle Solutions for the Distribution Industry

Synchronize your operations and offer a higher level of service

Forecasting demand, managing purchases and increasing logistical efficiency are among the most important challenges that wholesalers / distributors are facing and must compete with. That is why the J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP solution is perfectly designed for the distribution business sector. This world-class system has allowed many businesses in Québec to:

Improve customer satisfaction through: 
  • Shortened delivery times;
  • Greater product availability;
  • Proactive responses to changes in demand.  
Increase their margin by:
  • Reducing costs (distribution, supply, inventory, stock ...);
  • Reducing obsolescence;
  • Improving the management of prices and profit margins;
  • Gaining market shares.  
Optimize their global network by:
  • Improving visibility;
  • Improving and optimizing internal and external collaboration;
  • Controlling the complexity of the supply chain.

See how these solutions ensure the integrity of your operations across your supply chain so that you may achieve or maintain the status of leader in a highly competitive market.

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The Createch Group professionals work with your organization to implement a solution that will support the growth of your business. Leverage their knowledge of the industries’ best practices and take advantage of a business solution specifically adapted to your needs.

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