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The Oracle Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Ensure your organization’s sustainability

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne integrated management system is a perfectly designed solution for manufacturing companies. It can optimize your supply chain as a whole, while helping you achieve or maintain your position as industry leader.

Improve operational performance through the integration of all of your operations and:

  • Reduce lead times with process management (from order to shipping,  from purchase request to reception, from scheduling to manufacturing);
  • Reduce inventory and obsolescence through a better alignment of demand and supply;
  • Reduce procurement costs through better visibility of quantities to supply as well as negotiating opportunities and vendor consolidation;
  • Improve the processing of customer orders and your customer service through effective information management and control of your order cycle (product availability, credit terms, discounts, pricing, delivery promises);
  • Plan your requirements and capacity, taking into account demand forecasts, purchase orders, status of production and inventory policies;
  • Get the real cost of production by integrating work orders, hours worked, resources and materials used and improve decision making.

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The Createch Group professionals work with your organization to implement a solution that will support the growth of your business. Leverage their knowledge of the industries’ best practices and take advantage of a business solution specifically adapted to your needs.

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