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Oracle Business Solutions

Demand Management (Demantra)

Maximize your profitability through effective demand management.

Oracle’s Demand Management Demantra solution provides account managers, planners and managers with the information and logistics tools necessary to balance supply, demand and budgets.

Demantra guarantees unprecedented accuracy and sophistication in terms of:

  • Bulk forecasting;
  • Acquiring visibility of the impacts regarding promotional offers;
  • Planning balanced sales and operations;
  • Simulating integrated pre and post-event evaluations.

Anticipate and respond proactively to demands by sharing a single plan that aligns your organization’s users with its services. To learn more about Oracle’s Demand Management Demantra solution,

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Thanks to the proven methodologies developed by The Createch Group’s logostics experts, your organization will be able to oversee all its activities related to your supply chain’s Demand Management.

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