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Operational Performance Improvement

Operational Performance Improvement


Optimize the interdependent processes in your enterprise with help from the experts at The Createch Group.

We analyze your business processes to:

  • Indentify activities that provide little value to your customers
  • Find improvements that can drastically reduce lead time and eliminate waste
  • Help you access the untapped internal resources that are substantial and present in all organizations

The Createch Group delivers business transformation solutions with three goals in mind: better customer service, improved profitability, and continuous improvement. The end result is a resilient enterprise that moves products and information quickly and efficiently.

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Consulting Services

Logistics performance consulting helps you reduce cycle times, improve employee efficiency, and simplify processes. Using Lean methodology, our logistics experts analyze your processes to identify and eliminate redundant, low-value activities.

Manufacturing performance consulting helps manufacturers reduce lead times, eliminate waste and increase plant capacity. Our experts help you apply the principles of Lean manufacturing to improve performance and competitiveness.

Continuous improvement consulting helps your organization align its people, processes and systems to establish a culture of continuous improvement and excellence. With The Createch Group, you get a proven methodology that supports ongoing improvement processes.

Change management consulting helps you manage each stage of a transition - including preparation, change implementation, and results evaluation. With experience managing change for companies of all types and sizes, our experts offer support that minimizes the risk of customer and employee dissatisfaction.

Business process optimization consulting helps you maximize any area of your business, whether you're looking to update operational strategies, streamline specific activities, or build continuous improvement throughout your organization. Using Lean principles, our experts identify and eliminate inefficient processes.

Real Benefits and Measureable Results

The Createch Group's Business Transformation team provides your business with solid recommendations that yield measureable results. Some examples seen from past clients include:

  • Up to 70 percent reduction of cycle time
  • 35 to 40 percent reduction in the number of process steps
  • 25 to 35 percent increase in operational efficiency
  • 55 percent optimization of working hours and employee efficiency

Why The Createch Group?

The Createch Group has delivered substantial performance improvements in the last 19 years to more than 1000 companies, spanning some 2,000 projects. Our team consists of over 200 consultants with thorough knowledge of manufacturing, distribution, asset management and service-oriented businesses.

We apply leading methodologies such as Lean and ITIL to help your business excel. We can also increase efficiencies by integrating ERP, CRM, and asset management solutions.

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