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Applied Analytics

SAP Applied Analytics enhances the overall management of your organization. You will benefit from a comprehensive real-time reporting and be able to analyse in detail the information you need to make enlightened decisions, faster.

  • Predict trends
  • Reduce costs
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Uncover solutions to your industry challenges
  • Gain a significant competitive edge

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SAP Applied Analytics provides information adapted to your enterprise line of business. Highly flexible, these solutions are pre-configured for a quick return on investment.

Human Capital Management

SAP Applied Analytics for Human Capital Management provides the strategic tools to track, measure, and significantly improve your workforce performance. Use with the SAP HCM Suite or your existing HR modules to keep your competitive edge.


SAP Applied Analytics for Marketing will give you the real-time customer insights you need to make the right decisions to consistently deliver exceptional experiences. With deeper customer insight, deliver better targeted marketing messages while controlling campaign costs and tracking marketing budgets.


Maximize cost savings with SAP Applied Analytics for Procurement. Use with SAP Procurement portfolio, these apps will provide a real competitive advantage. They constitute the strategic tools required to track, measure, and supercharge your sourcing, spend, and supplier performance.


Improve the overall health of your sales pipeline and meet targets faster with SAP Applied Analytics for Sales. Contribute to higher revenues by uncovering hidden opportunities, leveraging data to accelerate deals as well as listening and acting on social media feedback.


Transform your service center into a profit center with SAP Applied Analytics for Services. Provide your service center with strategic information to facilitate collaboration, improve decision making, and optimize business processes. The Applied Analytics will allow you to deliver an exceptional customer service while controlling your costs and maximizing your revenues.

Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Operations

SAP Applied Analytics for Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Operations management offers real time insight to maximize your return on investment. By streamlining and enhancing the performance of your entire supply chain you will improve your bottom line Obtain synchronized supply and demand plans; improve forecast's accuracy and perfect order fulfillment with real time visibility.

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