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SAP HANA in-memory analytics eliminates barriers between your users and fast, informed decision processing. It provides your organization with the analytics they need to make the best possible decision every time. SAP HANA in-memory analytics is the only solution to deliver across the five dimensions of decision processing:

  • Breadth – analyze big data from multiple sources;
  • Depth – ask complex questions on granular data;
  • High-speed – receive fast, interactive responses;
  • Simplicity – eliminate the need for data preparation;
  • Real time – run real-time queries on real-time data.

With SAP HANA you get immediate answers to all your business questions, however complex they are, thanks to the capability to drill down to granular data. Fast and powerful there is no need to wait for results, you get your answers in split seconds in an interactive fashion without the need to develop pre-aggregate cubes.

SAP HANA in-memory analytics integrates predictive analytics, text and big data in a single package. The solution allows you to go beyond OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) analysis. It has the ability to run big data analytics on 80 terabytes of data, integrate with Hadoop and search text content to provide powerful, real-time predictive analytics, and more.

  • Analyze hundreds of billions of rows in seconds, not days
  • Exploit unstructured data such as text, documents, Web, and social media content
  • Deliver predictive insight with in-database data mining
  • Leverage open source R analytic processing
  • Integrate with Hadoop environments

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