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Mobile Sales for SAP ERP is a mobile sales solution based on the Sybase Unwired Platform and in support of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) application SAP ERP. It offers users a seamless online/ offline experience, allowing them to function regardless of connectivity. All critical business data is available in a disconnected mode and the data is pushed directly from SAP ERP to the mobile devices.

  • Integration with SAP ERP (SD/MM)
  • Seamless online/offline integration
  • Based on Sybase Unwired Platform
  • Available for iPad, Android and WIndows
  • Access to customer and product information in a disconnected mode

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Thoroughly handy, Mobile Sales enables sales forces to access all the relevant data they need to execute their work on a mobile device. It covers the entire range of functionality, including customer fact sheets, pricing, product information, product availability and backorders, allowing users to create sales orders while on the go. Extremely versatile, Mobile Sales is integrated with the Sales and Distribution (SD) application within SAP ERP.

With Mobile Sales, users are as up-to-date as possible, as new and modified business data such as customer fact sheets and product updates are instantly transferred from SAP ERP to the mobile device and back. In addition to the classical sales functionality provided, Mobile Sales also offers a digital catalog with product information and pictures.

Designed with users in mind, Mobile Sales allows even the most inexperienced user to employ the solution with ease. With applications available for the iPhone, iPad and the Windows tablet version, users can enter information either with their fingers, via virtual keyboard or by hand-writing recognition. When running on a laptop, Mobile Sales can be used like a traditional desktop application.

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