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AGILYS, preconfigured by The Createch Group, is an SAP solution based on industry best practices using an accelerated implementation methodology. The Createch Group has developed a selection of accelerator tools designed to reduce development and maintenance costs. Driven by Createch's rigorous and effective implementation methodology, the AGILYS Suite revolves around three lines of products:

  • AGILYS, SAP Business All-in-One Solutions
  • AGILYS Documentation
  • AGILYS Essentials Tools and Accelerators

Assured Quality

Used on numerous Createch projects over the years, the AGILYS Accelerators have been refined to provide greater efficiency and quality.


With the use of the AGILYS Accelerators, you can benefit from a high level of expertise on projects involving the development of reports, forms, interfaces, etc.

Cost Reduction

The use of accelerators significantly reduces the amount of time required to activate some program’s advanced functions. It also helps minimize potential risk of errors while accelerating the end users learning curve.

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A Range of High Performance Tools

AGILYS, SAP Business All-in-One Solution

Preconfigured according to best industry practices recognized by SAP, this solution has also been adapted by Createch to thelocal SMBs specific needs. Thanks to Createch's accelerated project management methodology, and the assistance provided by our documentation and accelerators, risk is minimized and the solution is delivered in a turnkey implementation format for a quick return on investment (ROI). This scalable solution can then easily be extended or adapted to cover special business needs or support the future growth of the company.

AGILYS Documentation

The Agilys documentation is a set of process guides, training guides and user guides. These documents can be used as is or serve as a starting point for the custom documentation that will be created during the project.

AGILYS Essential Tools and Accelerators

Born from the creativity and know-how of Createch's consultants, the AGILYS accelerators are a whole set of guides and tools designed to simplify the end users' life and reduce implementation and maintenance efforts. Createch uses these tools on its projects to work better, faster, and at a lower cost. This experience is also used to continuously improve our solutions and become even more effective on future projects.

These tools are not reserved to new implementations. They can also be easily deployed on SAP installations that have been productive for several years. The namespace avoids conflicts with software already in place. Optimized for ECC 6, these tools can still be installed on older versions with only minor compatibility adjustments to be performed during installation.

With the use of the AGILYS Accelerators, customers benefit from a high level of expertise on projects involving the development of reports, forms, interfaces, etc. Using these accelerators significantly reduces the amount of time required to activate advanced features in these programs. They also help minimize the potential risk of errors while cutting in the end users learning curve.

AGILYS Essentials Foundation Package

Automatically included with the other AGILYS tools, this component contains a number of shared foundation elements such as the Program Configurator or the AGILYS Essentials menu.

AGILYS Enhancements

The enhancements contained in this AGILYS component are used to improve certain standard functions such as sales orders creation or the results shown in the planning table.

AGILYS Data Conversion Tool

Createch's data conversion tool offers an economical, powerful and user-friendly alternative to SAP’s LSMW and Data Services solutions. Virtually used on all Createch's implementation projects for initial data loads, this tool may also be used on a day to day basis for interventions such as repetitive processing or bulk updates. It can also serve as a foundation for the creation of complex data transformation programs.


In complement to SAP'S the standard reports, these redefined reports cover various logistics and finance areas, as well as system security. Powerful and easy to use, these reports fully meet the vast majority of needs. Shall it be needed, they can easily be expanded to even better meet the specific needs of customers.

Createch's reports are all based on the AGILYS ALV Framework, a proprietary ABAP Objects library developed by Createch that permits significant savings in development and maintenance efforts for this type of applications.

  • Sales
  • Purchasing and Inventories
  • Finances
  • Security

AGILYS SmartForms

Createch's forms are inspired by the best business practices and the extensive knowledge of its consultants. They allow for the generation of high quality outputs
that can be printed, sent electronically or archived in PDF format.

They are based on a proprietary technology developed by Createch that reduces the layout complexity and brings significant gains in terms of development and maintenance efforts. Many elements on these templates can be easily configured without actual programming.

  • Sales and Distribution
  • Purchasing
  • Finances

AGILYS RF Transactions

Developed with the AGILYS RF framework, this offer is a library of ABAP objects and functions supporting the most recent ITS Mobile technology. These easy-to-use transactions behave identically on all types of devices.

The coherent user interface and functional framework introduced by this technology simplify the writing of the specifications and unit testing. Built-in features in the RF framework library limit the risks of programming errors in field-to-field navigation and input values validation.

AGILYS Security Tool

The AGILYS Security Tool simplifies the creation of the security roles in SAP. Roles contain the authorizations with which users can access the transactions, reports, Web-based applications, and so on that correspond to their current position in the company or actual duties.

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