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SAP Business All-in-One

SAP Business All-in-One solutions best fit the needs of midsize companies looking for comprehensive, industry-specific ERP software to help grow their businesses. The solutions are integrated, affordable, and designed to fit your needs – both now and in the future. You can add CRM, SRM, BI, and other functionality at any time to scale a solution as your needs change.

SAP Business All-in-One is designed to meet the needs of midsize enterprises looking to globally manage their processes using a integrated and complete solution. Unlike other management software, SAP Business All-in-One offers a single configurable solution that supports all your business functions (finance, human resources, procurement, inventory, manufacturing, logistics, product development, customer service, sales and marketing).

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Improve your financial management

Customer Success Stories:

- Pillar5 Pharma Inc.

- Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)

pdf SAP Solutions for Small Businesses and Midsize Companies

SAP Business All-in-One allows you to accelerate the financial close and generate more accurate reporting, while your cashflow management.

Achieve operational excellence

By streamlining your business processes, optimizing service levels and reducing costs, SAP Business All-in-One improves your efficiency at all levels.

Improve responsiveness

Giving you the means to respond immediately to any change, SAP Business All-in-One helps improve customer satisfaction and differentiate yourself from competition more severe.

Unify and streamline your processes

With the ERP and CRM functionalities integrated in SAP Business All-in-One, you can easily streamline and develop management processes. For example, the CRM tool can help you create and transform an opportunity into a quote, and the ERP function to convert this quote a purchase order (product, price, billing and delivery).

Each industry is characterized by business processes, requirements and challenges of its own. Recognizing these challenges, SAP and its partners offer industry-specific solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Based on SAP ERP and SAP Best Practices, SAP Business All-in-One is a proven platform that partners enrich with their services and their perfect knowledge of your industry.

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