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SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) enables companies to focus on their more important asset: their customers. With SAP CRM, companies like yours manage to retain their most important customers and optimize each of their interactions (sales, service and marketing).

Unlike other CRM software, SAP CRM does not just help you deal with your most urgent requests (cost reduction, more effective decision-making). SAP CRM also allows you to benefit from other skills that will help maintain your competitiveness in the long term.

SAP CRM has helped numerous companies from 25 industries to maximize their customer relationships. With SAP CRM, you can:

  • capitalize on a perfect knowledge of your customers;
  • improve your efficiency;
  • streamline your critical business processes across all customer touch points;
  • adapt quickly to changing business needs and customers.

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SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) provides the insight and analysis you need to anticipate customer needs and build lasting, profitable customer relationships.

SAP CRM excels because it does the following:

Provides the flexibility to create unique customer experiences

SAP CRM enables a wide range of end-to-end business processes to address an array of marketing, sales, and service situations. The functionality of SAP CRM is deployed step-by-step and easily adapts and extends to create a more distinctive customer experience.

Drives the organization to more consistent, relevant interactions across all channels and touch points

SAP CRM allows organizations to make the most of every customer interaction across the entire customer life cycle by ensuring that each interaction is consistent and relevant, with real-time information about the complete history, context, value, and profitability of each customer.

Enables end-to-end processes within the industry value chain

SAP CRM is the only application that helps organizations drive customer value, loyalty, and profitability across the entire value chain. With best-in-class front-office functionality that complements industry-specific processes, SAP CRM turns the vision of customer-driven growth into reality.

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