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SAP Human Capital Management solution (SAP HCM) helps organizations to consolidate the value of their employees to match skills, activities and compensation with the company objectives and strategies. SAP HCM provides all the tools needed to manage, measure and remunerate all contributions individual or collective.

SAP Human Capital Management solution supports all processes related to human resources: recruitment, deployment, personal development, motivation and retention of best performing employees. You can manage and optimize all processes throughout the your employees careers. SAP HCM includes a built-in feature which, at the enterprise level:

  • simplifies HCM processes and integrates them seamlessly with all international operations;
  • provides real-time access to information to accelerates decision-making;
  • to assign in a timely manner the right people to the right projects;
  • assist employees and managers throughout their careers;
  • give more autonomy to employees to manage processes in a collaborative environment.

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Service delivery

Ensure that your employees can readily access the critical data, applications, and analytical tools they need to perform their job functions efficiently and effectively – while supporting a shared-services model for human resources, finance, and other key processes. SAP ERP offers role-based access and self-services. Plus, mobile applications from SAP enable employees in the field to report time and expenses offline.

Talent management

Support people during every phase of their employment – from recruitment through training, development, and retention. Find the right people, put their talent to best use, align employee goals with corporate goals, maximize the impact of training, and retain top performers. With SAP HCM, you can develop and deploy talent more rapidly and flexibly than ever before. The solution supports and integrates all talent management processes – so you can attract, acquire, educate, and develop talent; identify and grow future leaders; and align and motivate talent with overall objectives.

Core HR and payroll

Streamline and integrate essential workforce processes such as employee administration, organizational management, time management, benefits, payroll, and legal reporting. With SAP HCM, you can standardize and consolidate all workforce-related processes and data onto a single platform, while ensuring adherence to local regulations and laws. The solution is built on a global platform customized for country-specific legal compliance and best practices. You can operate with local languages, currencies, best practices, and regulatory requirements in facilities around the world.

Workforce analytics

Utilize comprehensive SAP analytics to help you plan, measure, and align objectives, not just within the HR department, but with the overall business strategy to enable better business decisions and growth.

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