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SAP Product Lifecycle Management solution helps companies differentiate themselves from competition by creating and offering innovative and original products and services. The SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) application provides you with a 360-degree-support for all product-related processes - from the first product idea, through manufacturing to product service. With our PLM software, you can:

SAP PLM allows you to:

  • Create and deliver innovative products that fulfill or create market demand
  • Optimize your product developing processes and systems to speed products to market ensuring compliance to industry, quality and regulatory standards
  • Become more agile than your competitors and able to react and take advantage of market and competitive opportunities across your business networks

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SAP Product Lifecycle Management implements a collaborative environment where you can manage, monitor and control all information related to products and projects throughout the life cycle of products and assets. This solution also allows you to communicate easily and quickly all information about products and assets. You can establish close relations between design operation, manufacturing and maintenance.

Finding the right information at the right time

All those involved in product development, inside or outside your company can quickly and reliably access the latest information.

Involve business partners

You can collaborate with your trading partners on products and projects design, management and maintenance.

Improve equipment and divisions performance

You fully control the planning, purchase, operation, maintenance and replacement of equipment.

Building a base of experience

Based on your previous projects and on predefined templates; you more easily optimize your needs in human resources and equipment.

Manage and control changes

From customer request for technical changes brought to validated production order, change control is your responsibility.

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