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SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) enables collaboration, planning, execution, and coordination of the entire supply network, empowering you to adapt your supply chain processes to an ever-changing competitive environment.

SAP SCM can help transform a linear, sequential supply chain into a responsive supply network – in which communities of customer-centric, demand-driven companies share knowledge, intelligently adapt to changing market conditions, and proactively respond to shorter, less predictable life cycles. SAP SCM provides broad functionality for enabling responsive supply networks and integrates seamlessly with both SAP and non-SAP software.

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Faster response to changes in supply and demand

With increased visibility into the supply chain and adaptive supply chain networks, you can be more responsive. You can sense and respond quickly to changes and quickly capitalize on new opportunities.

Increased customer satisfaction

By offering a common information framework that supports communication and collaboration, SAP SCM enables you to better adapt to and meet customer demands.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

You can track and monitor compliance in areas such as environment, health, and safety.

Improved cash flow

Information transparency and real-time business intelligence can lead to shorter cash-to-cash cycle times. Reduced inventory levels and increased inventory turns across the network can lower overall costs.

Higher margins

With SAP SCM, you can lower operational expenses with more timely planning for procurement, manufacturing, and transportation. Better order, product, and execution tracking can lead to improvements in performance and quality – and lower costs. You can also improve margins through better coordination with business partners.

Greater synchronization with business priorities

Tight connections with trading partners keep your supply chain aligned with current business strategies and priorities, improving your organization's overall performance and achievement of goals.

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