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An Automated Document Processing Solution


CreaDoc helps companies of all sizes to seamlessly manage and automate the lifecycle of all documents, whether in paper or electronic formats. This includes invoices, purchases orders, packing slips, contracts, HR files and forms. CreaDoc significantly reduces non-value added paperwork tasks and frees up time and resources so you can focus on the core of your business.

  • Reduce document processing time (10 times more efficient)
  • Get a serious return on investment (ROI) quickly
  • Avoid document loss and classification errors
  • Eliminate redundant manual data entry
  • Unify and automate document approval processes

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A complete solution, integrated to your management systems

pdf Fact Sheet: CreaDoc

CreaDoc automates and streamlines document management from end to end while integrating to your existing systems. All you need to benefit from the CreaDoc solution is a scanner and an internet connection.

  • Digitization and selective capture of all paper documents
  • Selective capture of all electronic documents (structured and non-structured content)
  • Automated extraction of relevant content
  • Validation and control of extracted data, using preconfigured business rules
  • Automated document approval process through a robust and flexible workflow
  • Integration of extracted data and approval status in legacy systems (ERP and/or archiving stores)

The service level for processing documents through CreaDoc is less than 24 hours.  This quick turnaround time allows for significant reductions in the overall time your organization takes to handle documents and approve them.

Eliminate paperwork!

CreaDoc is the answer to your needs:
  • Immediate cost savings
  • Non-value added paperwork centric tasks transformed into value-add activities
  • Low initial impact: low implementation costs, fast adoption through ease of use
  • User-friendly web interface
  • Document traceability
  • High quality data management
  • Extensive reporting on activities

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