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SAP Business Solutions

Data Warehousing

SAP's data warehousing solutions integrate all of your vital information to make better decisions, faster. With these solutions, decision makers can pinpoint the right information, accelerate analysis, and see the trends that will shape their business strategies.

With SAP's offering of data warehousing solutions you get:
  • Flexible solutions to meet your specific needs
  • Lower IT costs
  • Better decisions
  • Faster response times
  • More value from your data

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SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP BW)

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse captures, stores, and consolidates your vital information into a secure, scalable data warehouse platform. Therefore, you get a single version of the truth, decision-ready business intelligence, and accelerated operations.

High-Performance In-Memory Appliance (SAP HANA)

Explore and analyze huge volumes of data in real time with SAP HANA, a powerful combination of robust software and hardware. It dramatically accelerates analytics, business processes, sentiment data processing, and predictive capabilities. With the solution's proven technology, enterprises reduce TCO and invent new possibilities.

Highly Optimized Analytics Server (SAP Sybase IQ)

With SAP Sybase IQ you get simpler, more affordable big data analytics and warehousing. You can analyze vast quantities of data 100 times faster than traditional relational database while reducing overhead, storage costs, and maintenance.

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