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Use SAP database solutions to drive speed, availability, and scalability for less. Maximize performance with extreme transaction processing (XTP) and gain real-time insight to access your mission critical information anywhere, anytime. SAP database solutions leverage in-memory, cloud, and mobile technologies to deliver instant answers to complex queries, strong reliability, and reduced costs.

  • Support millions of transactions per minute with terabyte-size databases
  • Meet increasing demand for high performance with in-memory databases
  • Synchronize mobile devices with all major databases in your enterprise
  • Reduce risk while ensuring integrity and business continuity
  • Embed databases for broad distribution

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In-Memory Database – SAP HANA Database

SAP HANA Database allows you to analyse all of your data in real time with the ability to process both operational and analytical data in a single in-memory database. It can help your applications zero-in on the information they need without wasting time sifting through irrelevant data. Thereby, you get immediate answer to your complex queries and better decision making across your enterprise.

  • Get quick results from complex data queries
  • Run multiple queries in parallel without sacrificing performance
  • Develop intricate, predictive models to meet your business needs

Extreme Transaction Processing and Data Management – SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)

SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) is a high-performance database platform that improves the availability of applications requiring extreme online transaction processing and scalability. This affordable relational database management system (RDBMS) is designed for high-performance transaction-based applications involving massive volumes of data – and thousands of concurrent users.

  • Significantly lower operational costs and reduce risks
  • Rely on a stable, secure, and ultra fast data management system  
  • Establish a path for continuous innovation within mission-critical application environments

Big Data Management & Analytics Engine – SAP Sybase IQ

With SAP Sybase IQ you get simpler, more affordable big data analytics and warehousing. You can analyze vast quantities of data 100 times faster and more efficiently than traditional relational database while reducing overhead, storage costs, and maintenance.

  • Efficiently analyze both structured and unstructured data in the same platform
  • Support a growing volume of users and data – without sacrificing load speed or query performance
  • Maximize return on assets with high compression and commodity hardware  

Mobile Data Management – SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere

SAP Sybase SQL allows you to create custom mobile database applications using embedded SQL database management software. With this solution, you give your developers the tools to rapidly design and power embedded database applications for mobile and remote environments. SAP Sybase SQL management software keeps data synchronized with thousands of mobile devices or remote offices, so that all business users can access vital data – anytime, anywhere.

  • Harmonize your data securely, reliably, and with zero administration
  • Streamline rollouts with automated deployment and rapid application development
  • Benefit from support for all leading computing platforms

Data Replication – SAP Sybase Replication Server

Use SAP Sybase Replication Server to replicate and synchronize Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM database transactions for secure, high-performance data delivery across your enterprise. With this solution you can move data across the enterprise to satisfy a host of mission-critical needs – from gathering real time BI to recovering from disaster. Allow your users to make decisions based on today's information and keep your distributed enterprise environment reliable and stable.

  • Support data movement, distribution, synchronization, and migration
  • Rely on distributed disaster recovery
  • Drive real-time reporting with zero impact to the production system
  • Leverage an uninterrupted data migration path
  • Support bi-directional synchronization across heterogeneous databases

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