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SAP Fiori – The New User Experience (UX)


Better Usability for Business Users Anywhere and Anytime

SAP Fiori is a device-agnostic user experience (UX) solution providing, through a large range of apps, an interface for SAP S/4HANA, SAP Simple Finance, SAP Business Suite, etc. Responsive, personalized, seamless and beautiful, it is the new user experience paradigm for SAP software.

With the personalization of SAP Fiori’s user interface, you will simplify business processes, increase productivity, save on training costs and improve user satisfaction. Working on desktops, tablets and smartphones, the interface delivers a customized and simple experience to all business roles in your company. It enables them to:

  • break up complex processes into simple steps;
  • get a consistent experience on devices of all kinds;
  • access information through a coherent assortment of apps.

SAP Fiori’s design principles focus on the users and their goals. They are role-based, responsive, simple and coherent, providing instant value.

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SAP Fiori Apps

Three app types are offered through the SAP Fiori UX interface:

  • Transactional (transactional tasks)
  • Fact sheets (contextual information and key facts)
  • Analytical (insights)

User experience can make it or break it when speaking about user adoption. SAP Fiori offers tailored interface, interaction and functionality. All business roles access their SAP Fiori apps through a common entry point, the SAP Fiori Launchpad.

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Real-Time and Personalized Insights

When powered by SAP HANA, SAP Fiori delivers optimal usability on any device for access to real-time applications. Run traditional business processes from a simpler and more innovative platform with a user-driven experience.

With SAP Fiori:

  • get the information you need at the right time;
  • leverage a user experience that is adapted to your business role;
  • connect analysis with execution.

Begin your journey in the new consumer user experience standard for enterprise applications

Our expert consultants can help you enable higher business value and more engaged people. Allow us to help you select and configure the SAP Fiori apps that will drive the most value for your business.

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