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New Management Team Within the SAP Business Unit

Montreal, September 2016. In order to support its diversification and growth strategy, The Createch Group appoints Hélène Kyriakakis as General Manager, SAP Business Solutions. During the last 20 years, Hélène has been in several key positions in the SAP community. She has managed teams in Canada, the United States and India. Hélène is also recognized for her innovative ideas and achieving results.

In order to offer an excellent customer service and a work environment conducive to innovation, she surrounds herself with diversely skilled collaborators.

Équipe de direction - Le Groupe Créatech - SAP

Management team in Quebec - from left to right: Éric Ledu, Steve Culhane, Hélène Kyriakakis, Michel Gagné and Cédric Sauzereau

Mr. Cédric Sauzereau, Sales Manager (Quebec), manages a renewed sales team with the objective of opening new market segments.

Mr. Puneet Mallick, Sales Principal, oversees the Ontario team and manages the Canadian and American growth plans.

Mr. Éric Ledu, Principal, Architecture and Innovation, has for mission to develop offers regarding new SAP products. He thus helps our clients optimize their performance and shift to the digital economy. Éric also supervises the line of business managers.

Mr. Steve Culhane, Principal, Services, is responsible for the quality of our field-teams’ work and customer satisfaction (on the project side). He also manages the team’s growth and evolution on new markets.

M. Michel Gagné, Principal, Application Management Services, sees to the quality of work of our support teams and customer satisfaction (on the support side). He pursues Canadian expansion projects and continues to develop local and off-shore teams.

A Renewed Sales Team

In order to better advise its clients, the management team has opted to balance sales profiles to include people with consulting experience. With an in-depth solution knowledge, they are equipped to guide our clients.

Joël Grégoire - Solutions d'affaires SAP

Joël Grégoire

Joël Grégoire becomes an Account Manager and Trusted Advisor after more than 10 years as a Consultant and Presales Manager. Nominating Joël reiterates our mission, which is to improve the profitability of our clients. The business background and knowledge acquired over time allow him to play a role the Trusted Advisor role and guide our customers in their business decisions.

Jean-Christophe Turlan - Le Groupe Créatech - SAP

Jean-Christophe Turlan

Jean-Christophe Turlan is now an Account Manager after joining The Createch Group in 2015 as an Engagement Manager. He has worked many years in consultation, closely collaborating with SAP Walldorf, as well as in sales. Jean-Christophe will put his experience at the service of Quebec businesses wishing to begin their digital transformation.

An Innovation and Architecture Team

Architecture et innovation - Le Groupe Créatech - SAP

From left to right: Sean Shea-Schrier, Éric Ledu, Alexandra Guillaux, Ruddy Dezac, Barbara Poletti and Christophe Grillot.

M. Éric Ledu takes the lead of a much experimented team of Line of Business Managers. These managers are in charge of technological watch activities, partnership development, consulting team management and solution architecture.

This team is composed of:

  • Barbara Poletti: Financial Performance Manager
  • Alexandra Guillaux: Business Intelligence Manager
  • Sean Shea-Schrier: Technological Architecture Manager
  • Christophe Grillot: Customer Experience Manager
  • Ruddy Dezac: Supply Chain Manager

An Application Management Team

Gestion applicative - Le Groupe Créatech - SAP

Leading the team for now 16 years, Michel Gagné has augmented his team by 45% in the last 3 years. Under the leadership of Sébastien Castonguay, Jesse Thibodeau and Alfonso Lira, the team of 21 consultants offer services across America, in French, English and Spanish. Michel also manages a team in India in order to offer continuous service.

About The Createch Group

The Createch Group is a Canadian leader in business transformation. Its mission is to significantly improve the profitability of its clients through the optimization of their processes and the implementation of world-class software solutions. Since its inception in 1993, The Createch Group has delivered substantial performance improvements to more than 1,100 companies across Canada.

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