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The Dutailier Group

Project: Supply Chain Optimization

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  • Dutailier is a manufacturing company established in 1976. Since 1988, the Group has specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of swivel armchair and ottoman sets
  • With sales of over $100 million, Dutailier has seven plants, employs close to 1,000 people and owns a distribution centre. With over 4 million armchairs manufactured over the years, the company now manufactures over 300,000 armchairs and ottomans annually as well a new series of children’s furniture
  • Over 120 manufacturing agents spread throughout America, Europe and Asia, provide a strong company presence in 15 countries

{tab Environment}

Initial Computer Environment

  • The initial management systems environment was composed of two non-integrated systems that created significant challenges for with regard to Dutailier’s growth

{tab Challenges}


  • Steady company growth over the last few years has led to an increase and duplication of critical information sources and many administrative tasks
  • The increased annual rate of production has resulted in an increase in product inventory in the plants

{tab Objectives}


  • Reduce stock of in-process products and raw materials by 25%
  • Standardize processes in order to have a single source of information
  • Increase administrative productivity (eliminate the duplication of data entry, automate certain tasks)
  • Gradually eliminate physical inventory counts with cyclical calculations

{tab Actions Completed}

Actions Completed

  • Replacing the current supply management and production systems by introducing purchasing, inventory and manufacturing modules as well as sales, distribution and finance modules. During the second phase, the other modules of the SAP R/3 series were deployed
  • Functionally analyzing of the company’s planning and supply processes
  • Configuring the system and functional tests
  • Creating interfaces to allow integration of the current order book and the transfer of accounts payable
  • Creating reports and forms
  • Configuring programs for data conversion
  • Conducting volume tests and validating data conversions
  • Training users (125) and super-users (4) on the new system
  • Project management (following up on the scope, budget and schedules)
  • Resource management

{tab Achieved Results}

Achieved Results

  • Deadline and initial implementation budget respected
  • Manpower reduction in regards to planners-buyers
  • Increased visibility of inventory levels and production performance
  • Reduced inventory levels for raw materials and in-process products
  • Increased performance in client deliveries
  • Automated inter-company orders
  • Automated currency management
  • Reduction in the time required to close accounting periods and generate invoices
  • Financial control implemented
  • Reduced material outages


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