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Max2GO - Mobile Solution for Maximo

Easily extendable mobile applications for Maximo using email

Max2GO is a robust yet easy to use mobile solution that works in tandem with IBM Maximo. Ready to use straight out of the box, it can also be customized or extended to better meet your specific business needs. Max2GO for Maximo enables you to automate and organize approval processes and the dispatching of work order tasks to your employees, contractors and customers.

Max2GO mobile is the right tool for you if your organization essentially needs to:

  • Have a low cost mobile solution that can work on any platform;
  • Allow employees to use their owned devices (BYOD);
  • Push tasks to maintenance/field technicians;
  • Approve work order and enter time quickly and easily;
  • Update Maximo, anytime and anywhere, regardless of connectivity.

pdf Download the Max2GO technical sheet to learn more.

Max2GO for Maximo was keenly designed to make business processes — from supervisors to IT administrators and field technician — smooth and straightforward. It was developed with an emphasis on flexibility and usability by simply leveraging your existing email infrastructure. Supervisors, employees, contractors and more will quickly adapt to the tool while IT administrators will be spared from the security and installation nightmares. A unique solution, Max2GO fills the gap between fully web based solutions and applications installed on a device.

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By signing-up for a Max2GO pilot today, you can start benefiting from:

  • Reduced cost of deployment and training
  • Possibility to operate on any platform
  • Allow users to utilize different devices or their employee-owned devices (BYOD) with Maximo.
  • Creation of custom interfaces Electronic signature feature
  • Real time operation, anywhere

With The Createch Group's deep understanding of essential business activities and best business practices, we've developed this solution to equip users and administrators with a tool to help perform daily tasks more effectively.

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