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Service Management Software

A service management solution that efficiently connects providers and requestors so that you can focus on your strategic priorities!

  • Automate service management processes
  • Create custom self-service experiences
  • Replace emails, spreadsheets, phone calls and homegrown management tools
  • Get increased visibility into service requests
  • Optimize resource utilization and performance

ServiceNow automates the flow of processes that streamline the delivery of an organization’s everyday corporate services. The solution’s platform offers applications that address all service delivery requirements including those specific to IT, human resources, field service, facilities management, legal, finance, marketing and others. Flexible and adaptable, ServiceNow provides a rich set of pre-built templates to easily develop applications to meet more complex or future business needs.

Delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, the application can be rapidly deployed in a modular fashion and thus quickly addresses immediate business requirements. Furthermore, ServiceNow’s intuitive web interface allows for easy configuration with minimal or no coding required.

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Available service models

IT Service Management
The IT Service Suite contains applications that automate incidents, problems and change management processes, to ultimately increase efficiency and lower costs. It also comprises customer facing service catalogs including a view of available services and products, providing the self-service experience nowadays expected by users.

Human Resources Service Management
The HR service application frees organizations from tactical activities to focus on strategic priorities. It allows for the creation of a system of engagement that complements existing core HR, talent and workforce management solutions. The implementation of a self-service catalog with 24/7 access delivers a consistent end user experience and increases employee satisfaction. ServiceNow automates workflows such as employee onboarding, change, off-boarding and more.

Field Service Management
The field service application helps organization efficiently manage work tasks performed on location. It ensures that work orders are matched to technician’s skills, geographic territory assignments, and available inventory. Through capabilities such as geo-location tracking, auto-dispatch, auto-routing, and SLA-based mapping, productivity is improved therefore, speeding service delivery and increasing customer satisfaction.

Facilities Service Management
The facilities management application structures and automates workflows including work orders, preventive maintenance, security remediation and move management. They contribute to improve efficiency and employee satisfaction with a self-service portal available 24/7. Requests are automatically directed to the right specialist at the right time. It can be defined as an individual or multiple tasks request depending on the complexity of the service.

Asset Management
The asset management application provides a single repository to track the financial, contractual and inventory details of hardware, software, virtual infrastructure and non-IT assets. For maximum flexibility, it is stored separately from the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). The repository is usable by all ServiceNow applications; it keeps records synchronized to easily manage assets entire lifecycle including acquisition, deployment, maintenance and disposal.

Project Management
ServiceNow’s Project Portfolio Management (PPM) application is a versatile and scalable approach to managing projects. It leverages an array of tools such as lists, forms, gauges, Gantt charts, dashboards and timeline visualizations to help manage costs, schedule resources and meet quality standards. With ServiceNow PPM, organizations benefit from an end-to-end visibility of projects from initial request to execution and delivery.

Consulting Services
The Createch Group provides customers with a portfolio of services and a proven implementation methodology that covers all aspects of a customer’s ServiceNow lifecycle. Organizations can opt for an application-specific package called QuickStarts using pre-defined modular packages, or they can leverage Createch’s in-depth knowledge of industry best practices to customize their deployment plan based on their specific operational processes.

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